network documentation of private providers of renewable energy

The project „network documentation of private providers of renewable energy“ is provided by four companies from the region Berlin – Brandenburg. These companies will be funded by „Europäischen Fond für Regionale Entwicklung „ in the next seven months.


The project ” network documentation of private providers of renewable energy ” should develop a conception to present spatial data of private providers of renewable energy in Brandenburg on the internet and make these data useable for interested usergroups. The project should give support to private companies to reduce the existing barriers when publishing detailed documentation of their spatial data.


For seven months of work, it will be possible to search spatial data in a geoportal  for a particular case and then visualize the data with background details, like location, conditions and attributes.

Conceptually, later this should support other private cable network operators in building up detailed documentation of their network data. The implementation should support the development of regional spatial data infrastructure and is based on the basics of international standards and services of the GDl Brandenburg.

Target IVB

The project “pipeline network documentation of private providers of renewable energy” is supported by the engineering and surveying company Dipl.-Ing. Uwe Krause, as a partner in the project conception development.

This is to check specifically the technical and the legal implementation, ie how and in what kind of extent network data can be made for the spatial data infrastructure. Also a model checking is desired to check different possibilities to maintain control over the own spatial data.

In order to support the work of planning offices and private network operators, an exemplary implementation of a geoportal  and a workflow description should be developed.

User Benefits

The benefits of the project lies in the activation of other private companies for supporting the growth of the GDI Berlin-Brandenburg. The chance to hold as much data as possible is increased – for the benefit of citizens, government and business.

There is great need for a comprehensive, guaranteed provision of documentation of networkes, for which there is currently no usable information. Planning is simplified by the documentation in a geoportal. Due to the enormous number of cable damage, the damage to the economy is substantial. Avoidance or rapid detection of errors and correction of faults, for example by marking the nearest access option is enabled. Complete failures can be reactivated quickly by using redirections. Damage to power lines can jeopardize life and health of people.